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Who we are & our mission
We are India’s leading Auramount School Admission and the only educational services provider with in-house capability to cover the entire spectrum of the school establishment and management needs. The dimensions of Auramount School Admission outreach are unmatched and so is the level of ownership and engagement that we have demonstrated with every school we established in India.
We have furthered the interest in education by resourceful leveraging of technology and creating our own specialized platforms to cover critical aspects of school management, setup, and improvement.
While our core services are intensive and enrich select school partners, our online services are extensive and reach lakhs of schools across India. Platforms for teacher recruitment, school real estate, a marketplace for school supplies, and school ERP systems aid schools of all scales in achieving time and cost efficiency in their operations.
We believe and invest in research and development and have the distinction of bringing at least one innovation in the educational systems scene every year.

Our Mission

Our Mission is Student's success.

Our Vission

Our Vision for all Student's future.

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We ensure you find your school, by connecting with top rated school measured on their performance.
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